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  • bought this from you in Lansing 2/22/15. what is the name and where in tank do I put it? forgot to ask and you guys were hoppin!!
    Bright (highlighter) yellow polyps on hard skeleton
    Just to let you know, I haven't forgotten about you, hook up at swap...or earlier. Got your back.

    hey, i talked with you a bit about the leds you had over your frags in knoxville at the ETRC frag swap. do you have any pics of your setups running those leds here on rc or somewhere else on the net?
    Is the 180 still available. Also is there anything you'd be interested in trading on. I'm into all kinds of stuff and have a lot of misc things lying around. Let me know. Thanks
    Hey man i was with brian when he bought some live rock from you. i bought some corals from you.
    Thanks! -Levi
    Hey man I just wanted to thank you for all the rock and corals i got from you on saturday! they look great in the tank!
    I'll take one of those frag packs if they are still available. I saw you posted a while ago but just checking. Thanks Drew
    hey frost,
    My name is cameron and im not sure but a awhile back me and my friend visited you and picked up a few frags. You had a viper light that you said you were looking to sell for 100ish if i recall? i was wondering if you still had? if you do i am very interested!
    Unfortunately I will not be able to make it to the meeting tonight. I would love to come out to see what you have on Saturday, if you have much left after the zoo meeting, or sometime during the evening next week. I know it's the holiday week so things may be kind of hectic. Hopefully we can work something out! You can give me a call to set something up at 216.374.5146.


    I saw your post about the MEGA Coral Sale. Do you have a specific time in mind as to when you are hosting this sale or are you going to schedule by appointment? If so I would definitely like to come out and purchase a few frags from you. I've had a tank for a couple years but as of recently am just starting to get into putting corals in my tank. Let me know.

    Frost id like to stop by after work... Get off at 3... When will you be home? Im interested in some of your corals... Let me know... 330-760-2197.... Thanks, allen
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