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  • I dosed once at 40mg/gallon, no redosing. One & done. After 30 days I started doing WCs to take the med out. Remember, no lights, no UV, no carbon during the 30 day treatment. Good luck!
    b0bab0ey, I see that you dosed your tank at 40mg/gallon. Did you than redose 20mg 7 days later? I couldn't find the complete regimen. I received the CP (750 mg capsules) and I figured for 20 gallon QT to put the whole capsule in for the first dose. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you!
    Yeah, she's doing great now. I'll PM you the thread which details how I treated her. For some reason it won't let me paste it here.
    Hey, did you ever resolve the twitching in your tang?

    I have a Heniochus who is twitching.
    5 weeks of tank transfer did not work.
    2 weeks of quinine sulfate did not work
    Prazi for 2 weeks so far did not work.
    I discontinued copper.
    Fresh water dips sometimes show eggs falling but sometimes show nothing.
    Its time to put this beast to bed.
    Any help is appreciated.


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