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    Best macroalgae for DT?

    Thank you. No herbivors in my tank.
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    Best macroalgae for DT?

    55G FOWLR I have little bit of chaeto in my fuge. I want to add some macroalgae plants in my DT. What are the best ones to filter the nutrients? It looks like caulerpa prolifera and sea lettuce(ulva) are the most popular so I'd defintely consider them. But I would like to add some colors...
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    Trying to purchase some chaeto

    I'm in N Suburbs of Chicago. Is anyone selling chaeto or can you recommend where I can purchase online?
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    new chaeto

    I recently purchased chaeto for my new refugium. It came in a moist zip-lock bag in a tight small egg form. Am I supposed to pull on it to loosen it a bit or keep it tight? Also it's really fine and soft compared to the coarse, almost plastic like chaeto I had a while back. Is this a...
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    Pump recommendation for CPR Aquafuge2 HO refugium w/skimmer

    for 55G FOWLER tank I have an old CPR Aquafuge2 HO refugium w/skimmer I want to set up again using chaeto. I forgot what pump I used before. I'm considering Rio Plus 800 PT Venturi which generates 211 gph. Is this good enough or can you recommend a better one?
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    Clownfish with pop eye (blind)

    Just more than 3 wks ago, I noticed a huge pop eye on my clownfish so I moved it to a QT right away. I kept changing the water in QT and also added epsom salt. A week and a half ago, his other eye started to get bigger and now I'm pretty sure he's blind. When I put in brine shrimps, he seems...
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    Pop Eye!

    My clownfish has developed pop eye in one of his eyes. I moved him to a quarantine tank and have been doing daily large dose of water change. It's been 5 days but I don't see any improvement and he has not eaten. Other than that, I don't see any sluggish or unusal movement. What else can I do...
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    Recommend protein skimmer for nano 16 tank

    Can I get some recommendations for a reasonably priced internal protein skimmer for Innovative Marine Nano 16 tank? Its house brand is nice but too expensive.
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    What is the best way to revive frogspawn?

    So the ones that look completely receded can revive as well?
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    What is the best way to revive frogspawn?

    Recently adopted a dying frogspawn from a friend. Out of about 25 heads, only 2 were barely surviving but since I took over, those 2 are looking much healthier and another head has revived and growing. Only things I've done so far is to make sure my water parameter is good and feed my fish...
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    dedicated 10G tank for zoas setup question

    Would protein skimmer be necessary?
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    dedicated 10G tank for zoas setup question

    can you elaborate please?
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    dedicated 10G tank for zoas setup question

    Zoas in my 75G DT are doing well and multiplying so I have been selling them via Craigslist. I recently bought a bunch of plugs so I can frag them for sale and I do have a spare 10G tank with T5 lighting which I would like to use. What other equipment do I need? I'm thinking about adding a...
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    New yellow tang dying!

    To my surprise, he was semi ok when I got home and even nipped at some food. But I still doubt he'll make it far. Tank's been set up for 7yrs. I do water tests regularly and acclimate properly with dripping. Like I said, he was shy the first week then started doing great, eating like a pig...
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    Reef safe fish that swim around??

    Dottybacks are pretty mean. Firefish burrow under a rock and are sometime not seen for weeks. Royal gramma only swims around during feeding. I always find dwarf angels like bicolor or coral beauty to be pleasant to watch as they freely swim around like happy go lucky ways. You want...