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    Few Items FS

    Skimmer sold Rock still available!
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    Few Items FS

    Skimmer still available. MP40 sold.
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    Few Items FS

    replied. MP40 and Live Rock Pending.
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    Few Items FS

    TTT RKL - Sold AO Calcium Reactor - Sold Vortech MP-40 not ES - $100 EuroReef RS250 Skimmer- $100 Live Rock - $100 take all for $275
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    Few Items FS

    Yeah Shaun, getting ready to have a garage sale just for reef stuff. I wouldn't be satisfied with a 93g bro. I wanted a rimless 250 but it doesn't look like it's for me right now. Bump to the top. RKL - Sold Make me an offer on remaining items.....More items to come.
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    Few Items FS

    With the new build looking more and more unlikely I thought it would be good to get rid of a few items that I've been holding on to. All equipment used but in excellent working condition. Vortech MP-40 (not ES) Gen. 2 - $150 RKL Controller w/ PC4 (no Temp probe) -$65 Austin Oceans...
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    Tank Video

    :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: Good Stuff Tim!
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    June Tank Pics...

    Shawn, No new system yet. Work has me traveling too much. I'm just living through you guys. Maybe by next spring though!
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    A good read, Congrats Mr. Poletti

    Congrats Mark! Keep it going! We consider you the Cal Ripken of Sac! Reefkeeping's Ironman!
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    Feelin' the urge again... ALMOST

    What's up Dave? I've been having the "Itch" too!
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    Do I get out or stay?

    Take it from a guy who got out. STAY IN!!!!! I miss my tank and it's inhabitants. Getting out was good for a short moment, but doesn't compare to joy of watching things grow. Yeah it takes time and dedication, but in the long run it's worth it. Just my two cents. Stay tuned for a come back!
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    Skimmer Suggestions

    BALLER!!!!!:thumbsup::thumbsup: What's up Bryan and Casey! I'm living the reef thing through you guys. Casey, I've been looking at (Yeah, planning a Rimless Build) the Bubble Magus Curve 5 & 7. a few reviews on youtube. look interesting and the price is budget friendly.
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    WTH? Really? I guess SMUD aint so bad after all.