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    For sale

    i never could get pics on here lol, i think the guy seen the ad on craigslist because he did ask for a pic (i have them posted on there). Im might try to get pics on here again but i dont know if i want to go though the trouble since I wont be on here again in a while i'm leavin the hobby for a...
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    For sale

    is 250 to much to ask for a used 90gal, i had a guy get *butt hurt* about how much i was askin and offered me 100 bucks and said he could find acrylic tanks for 200-300, i know when i bought this tank i couldnt even find a reef ready tank at all, and if i did, it was sold soon after it posted...
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    For sale

    liverock is gone
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    For sale

    90 GAL REEF READY TANK WITH ROCK WALL $250 you can have the stand too LIVE ROCK CURED $1.80 A POUND MARINELAND PRO LIGHT FIXTURE $500 NEW MH BULBS AND NEWER T-5's HYDOR WAVEMAKER WITH TWO PUMPS AND LUNAR CELL $250 I have pics for all this stuff I can txt to you 314-686-2385 any time, other...
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    for sale

    new price 100 bucks
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    for sale

    I have a new bubble blaster pump for sale its the hy-2000s 1200 l/h i'll start at 120 bucks or make me an offer I also have a air silencer i'll let go of with the pump if you want.
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    Battling Dinos!!! (Almost quit, getting second wind!)

    i had this very same problem with my tank not long ago and did everything you have and what worked for me was removing my sandbed and aid bath for the rock lol... true story have it for six months got sick of it.
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    Sell me your tonga and Fiji branches

    hey i have some foam and epoxy left over from when i did my rock wall if you want it. also i have a few pieces of rock no much but it will need a acid/vinegar bath that you can have
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    Sump question

    sounds to me like you might have to much fow through your sump, alot of us when we start in the hobby try to use the main pump as part of the fow in our DT's, but doing this keeps detritus other particals from settling in the sump where they are supossed to, try addind a pump to your DT and...
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    Lights for sale

    what rc do you have for sale
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    looking for

    please dont lol those things are junk, not trying to be a jerk just saying don't wast your time looking that skimmer im not going to let him use it on his tank, "friends dont let friends use coralife skimmers"
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    Actinic Lighting For my 20

    i have a couple 54w t-5's i'll trade for a frag or 20 bucks no reflectors but have the bulb end caps an ballast
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    Painting an aga stand and canopy

    if it were me, i would use an shellac based primmer like binz sand with used 100 grit sandpaper and sand lightly dont press real hard just firm just, use a fine pile wizz roller handle & pad, and a good acrylic on top of that. not sure if i would bother with a airless spray, you will wast alot...
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    RO/DI unit question

    i had a hiss on mine and it was a line not all the way seated it never leaked water but it hissed from the air getting in. also my restrictor or flow limiter hissed try guest taking that off to see if thats it. you dont need it unless you have an ATO