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    Will false percs take to gbta

    +1 I had BTA for about a year. It split and the smaller piece wandered to the clowns hang out. 3 weeks later the nem and clowns paired up. Before that nothing.
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    UV sterilizers effective?

    I used one to clear an algae bloom in the water column. The tank went from pea soup to clear in 2 weeks.
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    Proper food for Clowns

    You could also try Nutramar Ova. I feed it to my dragonete, but holy crap the clowns go wild for it. Another crack like item is frozen Cyclopeeze. Like many have said, my clowns will eat anything. I have their food on rotation between two different kinds of pellets and several frozen foods...
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    LPS light

    I run 12,000K white, 460nm Blue, 440nm Dark Blue dimmable 120W LEDs. Both the whites and blues are ran at 50%. They also have 70 degree optics and are run about a foot above the water. My tank is an 18" cube.
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    Trouble in clownfish relationship?

    My male clown was sick of getting his tail kicked and fought back once. That night and a few after that he stayed in a different corner. The female would rush him and he wouldn't flinch. Then suddenly she just moved back in with him and stayed on that side. Now once again, they are inseparable.
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    Love the username and lunch box. MF DOOM for the win!

    Love the username and lunch box. MF DOOM for the win!
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    Cloudy water....HELP!!

    What color is it? White is a bacteria bloom, green is an algae bloom in the water column. My tank did this too, but it was of the green variety. It looked its best when the lights were about to come on and it looked its worst when the lights were about to turn off. Its an 18" cube (~24 gal) and...
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    Surface skimming help...

    I use a cup and place it in the tank angled so only the surface of the water fills the cup. Its kind of hard to describe...
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    Ceiling hanging hardware for lights

    I use yo-yo light hangers. Once hung you can move them up and down to the level you want. People say they break easy, but I have not had any issues with them. Mainly because I rarely move them up/down because they do not get in my way for maintenance. A friend of mine has ratchet system light...
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    Low pH headaches

    When you calibrated the probe did you get the solutions to your tanks temp? Just thought I would toss that out there. Also you may want to get a pH test kit for sanity. I use a probe on my Apex too, but when things don't look I go to the test kit.
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    i suddenly have a bully in my tank.

    I wouldn't do anything. This is normal because they are trying to determine who will become the female. I was in the same boat. Both my clowns were the same size, now one is distinctly bigger. The "male" doesn't hide though. He is usually right there next to her. Even after the domestic violence.
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    easy and accurate tests

    I rarely test pH, so I use API for that, otherwise I rely on my ph probe. For Mag, Ca, and Alk I use Salifert kits and test once a week.
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    where should i set my war coral ...

    With most of my corals I start at the bottom and work my way up a bit once a week. During this time though i don't touch the light intensity. Maybe this method will help?
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    Controller Question APEX or REEF ANGEL

    I have experience with both. Are you a programmer and do you know how to write C code? If so, reefangel may be good because you can toss the default code load and write your own stuff. A friend of mine and I did this for our frag tank. The default code would only alternate powerheads, we added...
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    Rod's Food

    I used to use only freezer bags too until the gf bought me a freezer tupperware thing to put the food in. So now I place the food in the bag and then in the tupperware. So far so good, no freezer burn.