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    FS: 150 SC aquarium w/ stand

    Pm sent
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    Tank break down

    Will you be selling the tank also?
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    A giant among us has fallen, RIP Russ

    Wow, this really sucks. Russ was a class act. Would give a stranger the shirt off his back. Very saddened by this and makes me regret the falling out several of us had when we where tbrc officers.
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    Getting rid of rest of equipment via. Yard sale

    We are having a big yard sale today from 8-2. Will be selling the remaining equipment that I've accumulated from 15 years in the hobby. Have several frag tanks, powerheads,ro canisters, mh setups, ic 660, osmolator, chemicals, qt setup,test kits and just a bunch of misc. odds and ends and lots...
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    LF: Protein Skimmer for 300g

    I have a rlss 10-u for sale. Waveline dc pump. Skimmer is about a year old in exc. shape $500
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    Heat from Dc Pumps

    Have a dc pump on my rlss skimmer and it has never been even warm to the touch Also run Jabeo 12000 and no issues with heat. I have to run a heater on tank to keep temp. Up. Running LEDs and dc pumps makes for a much cheaper power bill.
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    Getting out sale.

    D120 sold Atb skimmer sold
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    L/F Protein Skimmer

    I have a atb 840 v2 for sale $325
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    Lakeland - Deep Blue Rimless + Stand + Sump FS

    If nobody buys it in the next 2-3 days I may have to
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    Ltb hang on back skimmer

    As tie says, although I'm getting rid of most of my Equipment in going to convert one of my remaining 3 Frag tanks into An all in one. Looking for a smaller hob Skimmer
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    RK Elite Titanium

    And Dave does really good work. He's been doing a Japanese sleeve for me that I'm very happy with then he will be doing a cpl. More pieces I'm all about the barter system. Usually helps both parties
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    FS- Vertex skimmer IN-100

    Pm sent
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    Getting out sale.

    Update. Apex sold Tank stand sold Dosing pumps sold Reactor sold Still have atb skimmer and rlss skimmer, LEDs and checkers Will make a new thread this weekend w. more stuff
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    Need help

    Faois is the way to go. We also have a few breeders of the exotics locally. One in Venice and cpl in Tampa.
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    2-100gal ace roto mold tanks I

    Tanks are pending