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  • Oh that is so nice, I am great, still passionate and active in the hobby. It's been so long since I have been to NR that I have no clue what my password is or was. Such a noob. I just had to touch base because of that avatar, some things you never forget.
    Aww you're still around, I have not seen that avatar in ages. Cheryl from NR 7 years ago. When you went LED it gave me hope. Are you still active in the hobby, do you still have the nano?
    I am trying to find a reef club close by to join. I am in Seymour. Please send me details if this would be possible. My phone number is 812-521-0579. I have a 34gal solana that's been established for years and just purchased a 125gal yesterday. It is fish only. I'm trying to rehome the fish because I want to make it a reef tank. I am all about aquatics and would love be find a club to be apart of. Thanks in advance.
    Hi I've had two of these and seen to be having a tough time keeping them alive. I know temp is important, basser1 said they have had there's for over three years. Do you have a chiller on your reef system and if so what temperature are you keeping it at, and how deep is your substrate bed?
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