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    Jarrett Shark needs some help

    Hay jarret when your ready to get back up an running, me and ant have no problem helping you setting everything back up for you .
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    Cully, AwiBrandy & Batt, Check in...

    All is well still have no power . but I no longer have a tank my ex wife killed all my corals and broke my tank ant was there with me when this all happened so in a way im lucky I don't have a tank no more . But will be back..
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    Is this Hawkins Blue bleached out?

    It look dead to me
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    Sps Colors

    +1 . What are your parameters like cal , alk, mag , P04 , whats you photo period That fluva get ride of that , get 2 reactor put carbon in one and Gfo in the other. What fish do you have and how long has the tank been running?????...
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    Radion PAR readings

    Here this will tell you all about par for sps and lps under leds...
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    Radion PAR readings

    I have a 120 with 4 radions on it , my par is 650 12inch below water line, 450 middle of thank and 320 bottom of tank . Its 48x24x24
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    EcoTech Marine Introduces the Radion XR30w LED Light

    Ok i upgraded the software on the light and program , its much better but when im in the advanced setup the sunrise sunset it not highlighted for me to pick. Is this because i have my lights in natural mode ???..
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    PAR meter and SPS succes

    Its worth every penny . Some sps need low light to mild to high ,knowing what areas has high to low par is a plus, it also help in telling you when to change bulbs.
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    What is the the best coral food u ever used for sps?

    One faster growth , you will only get that from having stable parameters, Alk ,cal,mag . For very fast growth just keep youe par with no swing at all. In order for you to do this you need to use the balling light method. As for color lighting and lighting cycle play a big roll in this, its all...
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    EcoTech Marine Introduces the Radion XR30w LED Light

    Yeah i been with this post from the start , and thay been saying 2 fixtures for a 120.
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    EcoTech Marine Introduces the Radion XR30w LED Light

    you only need 2 fixtures to keep both . 3 come one were the hell is the 3thrd one going over the brace. Alot of people here have 2 over there 120 with sps only.
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    how much light do sps really need?

    I disagree with what your saying more light the better wrong. The more light the more you stress your sps . The key factor here is if your par is good 5 to 6 hour of day light is fine any more will stress the zooxanthellae in the sps causing lake of color and slow growth. If your par is low then...
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    Zeovit Zeospur 2...

    I used it and will never us it again . I dose below what the bottle says and it bleach out all my coral well never use it again.
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    Nutrients too low?

    I was using prodibio and dont have much fish . Prodibio Is good but strip the tank to fast when theres not to many fish , I think it ment for tank that are packet with fish . My problem with it was all my sps started to stn when using it.