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    Just Got A Wunderpus

    Very nice video. Great looking specimen.
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    Belize City Here I Come!!!

    I took some vids as well. I will post them online here in a couple days. I have the underwater 1080p HD camcorder and got some sweet video.
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    Best LFS in Columbus Ohio??

    Phishy Business by far is the best
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    Belize City Here I Come!!!

    Well we have been back... came back sunburnt (I did at least) and getting to New Orleans and getting to Columbus were an adventure in there own... thankyou Delta! Belize City was probally the worse spot of any where we went snorkeling. They tendered us right from the ship which was anchored...
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    Diving in Cozumel

    Was just in Cozmuel last week and out of all the stops on our cruise Cozumel had the bluest looking water. The only stop however I did not get into the water...
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    OT: Back From Vacation!

    Some of the highlights were when we were heading back to the cruise ship in Costa Maya. I waded out into some rock pools and found a bunch of limpets, turbo snails, and urchins. In Roatan i did some free diving and found a few live conchs, sea cucumbers, upside down jelly fish, urchins...
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    OT: Back From Vacation!

    Yeah it was my biggest worry but all was fine. Had 100 gallons of water setup for auto top off. Had a webcam directed toward the sump and frag tank in the basement and one upstairs in the living room pointed towards the tank so I could access them via internet on my phone in case there was a...
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    OT: Back From Vacation!

    Got back Monday from Vacation. Wife and I went on a 7 day crusie out of New Orleans for our 1 year anniv. We went to Costa Maya Mexico, Roatan Honduras, Belize City Belize, and Cozumel Mexico. We went snorkeling in Costa Maya, Roatan & Belize City. Belize city was suppose to be have a really...
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    Belize City Here I Come!!!

    They are taking us to the Barrier Reef is what they said (called today to verifiy)
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    Belize City Here I Come!!!

    The wife and I are celebrating our 1st anniv. July 17th with going on a 7 day Cruise with Norweigan Cruise Lines. Ports of call are Belize City, Cozmuel, Roatan and Costa Maya. We have already booked shore excursions with Belize City being my favorite as it is suppose to have awesome...
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    Looking for a Tang

    I am looking for a tang to put in my frag tank for a little bit of algea control. Does not matter what kind or what size. Frag tank is 4ft x 4ft so he will have plenty of swimming room. Will consider trading frags as well for one.
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    Stray voltage question

    I have done some reading on this same issue as I had stray current in my tank I found out that was coming from a bad submersable return pump. Using a grounding probe is like putting a bandaid on a broken leg, it helps but does it really fix this issue... no it just masks it. If something is...
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    Yay, finally setting up a new reef Quick BB question!

    Starboard is the what you put the product on but not sure of what the epoxy is called
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    Drygoods F/S...

    $10 Each-30 Gallon Breeder 3 Available $30-1000GPH Return Pump (Only used about 8 hours) Everything else has been sold... thanks everyone!
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    clown breeder

    the guy from clevelands name on here is Chuggy