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  • Hey there Cody,

    Where do most of the SCMAS members hang out? I am not getting any emails from the club, and have no idea what is going on between meetings. Last we talked about was doing some frozen food, which I was interested in, but don't know what happened with that. Any ideas?
    Give me a call when you have a chance and we'll set up a pick-up time for your corals.
    562.244.7123 6am-4pm weekdays
    714.636.8709 4pm-8pm weekdays, weekends
    11081 Jerry Lane
    Garden grove, CA 92840
    Hey Cody, yeah your right. Thats what they are tigertail cucumbers. i'd appreciate it if you happen to see one out there, give me a heads up.. Sorry about the bad grammer last night. i was already Thanks... Rich1p
    Hey Cody, you may not know me. my Name is Richard (rich1p). i was at speargun hunters fragbbq. I was the fat guy hanging out with gumbii. Hey i was reading a thread and read somewhere you had a cucmber that was good for sand shifting. there black and clean the sand. I have one in my big tank, but i dont know what they are called and where to get one.. your input on the subject would be greatly appreiciated. Thank you Beanmachine..
    Hi Cody
    Can you have SCRK fill out a registration for Reef-A-Palooza, include info on banner and website, I have set aside booth # 022
    I was wondering if you still had any more frags of the neon toadstool, I live near tustin so I can pick it up. call me at (714) 398-6163
    hello, i didn' mean to flake on you with the trade on the zoa's. i work 4 days a week close to vegas and as alot of us every day is precious.


    hello i'm saltyg's friend. i was just wondering if you remember what time you picked up the nudi's from ali and if you happened to put the bottles in any containers while going to salty's place? thanks again for helping us picking them up unfortunately mines didn't make it and the guy doesn't want to offer me a refund or send some more... sucks :(
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