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    My 57gal mostly sps tank video...

    Great Tank, and nice video. What Camera did you use to film it?
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    Red Sea Max Owners Club

    They're actually Power compacts (I don't know why RSM says T5) you can find them from a few places heres a link below they run about $20ea
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    Red Sea Max Owners Club

    I don't run a chiller for my RSM, and it has been up and running for just over 3 years If my tank does ever get hotter than I want it to, I just open the hood and leave it at that. Keep in mind that my tank, is probably in the hottest room of my house (poor planning on my part, but I set it...
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    Red Sea Max Owners Club

    The only two complaints that I have with the RSM 34gal is the heat in the summer time (not a problem if you run A/C) and the other is the stock skimmer (it seems to be under powered for the Aquarium) You could always go with Tunze 9002 model skimmer, which (from what I hear) will not disappoint...
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    Agu's "Piece of Junk 10 Gallon"

    OMG! those bristle worms just gave me the chills! You couldn't pay me to put my hand in that tank with those monsters, lol Just don't feed them after midnight nice tank thanks for sharing
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    20g high, need help

    if your looking for a good skimmer go with a Tunze DOC 9002 Nano Protein Skimmer by Tunze, they run around $125-150, it does a great job (rated up to 52 gallons). with those lights you will be able to keep almost all soft corals, and some lps (lps might have to be higher in the tank but some...
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    Help.....sea anemone

    ?????? :eek1:
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    Newbie & Son

    I wouldn't worry about running UV, for now, ( I don't ever run UV, and all is well, my tank has been up for a little under 3 years) all you need now, is live rock, skimmer, circulation pumps and lights (optional, for now, but I like to cycle with the lights on the tank) (sorry can't help you...
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    How much salt

    usually a 1/2 cup per gallon will do, it will get you around the 1.025 mark (make sure to figure in how much rock is in the tank)
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    How often do you replace sand?

    Never............coming up on 3 years
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    new red sea coral pro question

    not sure of the color difference in the bucket, the stuff in the white bucket works great, use it all the time. Couldn't see how they could make it any better... I really didn't answer your question, but......................consider it a free bump to the top
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    Red Sea Max Owners Club

    True, you will always wank a bigger tank. But if your looking for something that is low on maintenance and pretty much runs itself, the red sea max 130 is a good choice. My red sea max 130 has been up and running for a little over 2 1/2 years and its still doing great. (only mod I've done is...
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    FS, Aqua Logic Chiller 1/5th hp

    Price drop $250 Pickup only
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    Where to send water sample?

    Only things that I can think of is your No3 are a little high, this can stunt growth. (as you said you are working on them) And then, how stable are your alk and cal readings. sometimes its hard to keep them at certain level, so they fluctuate. (this could be a cause of stunted growth) With sps...
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    Where to send water sample?

    what are your water params? What do you consider good? give us a list of what your params are Salinity PH CA Alk Amon Nitrites Nitrates Water temp (with fluctuations) Tanks size Lights (what kind, kelvin rating, How old are the bulbs) How long has the tank been set up? The more info we know...