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  • Hey Benjie,

    So I picked up a 65 gallon stock tank for RO water and I'm thinking about picking another 35 gallon for mixing salt water. I also found a Iwaki 20RLT external pump on craigslist that im thinking about getting too.

    But how would I go about plumbing them all together? Im having a hard time remembering how you had it all set up and would like to be able to hook up a hose or something to it to pump the fresh saltwater to my tank too. I think you had a 4 way fitting and then a valve off of each output of it correct? THanks!
    hello was just looking threw the posts today,and u have the g3 listed again as things left,did the guy back out that wanted this coming weekend? thanks
    I'll take the Oceanic Wet/Dry sump32-1/2x12x20 if still available. Please LMK. Thanks
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