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  • it's been a while, so I just wanted to reach out and say **** YOU bertoni. You and other moderators like you are the reason that Reef Central is dead. You killed one of the biggest aquatic hobby resources on the internet. That would be impressive if it wasn't so sad.

    I am trying to post about our next "SALT" session. But it doesn't let me post to the calendar. Is this something only admin can do?
    Please make sure both your mike and camera are working. Upon entering the session, your mike will be muted. Lou will work with aquarists in order, unmuting your mike when it is your time. Please be patient and wait until Lou can get to you. You might even learn something while waiting too!

    Use the following link:
    Meeting ID: 413 367 0101
    At Tropic Marin, we want to make sure that social distancing, isolation, and quarantine don't hinder any reef aquarists from getting the answers they need. Forums focused on reef keeping are effective resources, but we also want to make sure that we are doing our part. To that end, Tropic Marin is scheduling SALT sessions: Systems Assistance-Live & Technical. These will be live ZOOM conferences where you can ask questions and get help on current reefing issues you might be having, live, online, personally and directly with Lou Ekus, CEO of Tropic Marin USA. The first Tropic Marin SALT session will be held on Thursday, April 2nd, at 3PM-4PM EDT.
    OK, So I got this "warning" about the comment I made about the Tropic Marin Bio-Magnesium. While I don't agree that I was "advertising" since I did mention you could get Mg from companies, and told him about what to watch for. I accept what you have said and will do my best to avoid recommending any of our products that are good solutions to the problem I am being asked about. This will be difficult with a few of our products that are unique, but I will do my best!

    Now I need to know if it is OK for me to post about this help session that we will be conducting online. The post would say this and would have a graphic sign saying when and how. The text will be in my next message to you.
    tryin to find someone that could help me with a new set up coming from fresh water to salt just got some questions
    Hello bertoni. I have been caught up in the photobucket 3rd party hosting BS. I would like to move all my pictures to imgur and replace the links. To do that, I believe I need to be given editing rights to my thread...http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2494973. Are you able to give me that power or do I need to go through a specific process/request? Thanks. Jason.
    Hello, I would like to try and recover my old original account. "Saltaholic". I do not remember the email that I used, unfortunately. Are there any solutions?
    Saw you were online, just a quick question, I want to post a thread about the mods I made to my dsuny fixture, would this fall under diy or lighting? Im new so I don't want to step on toes.

    Is it possible to change my username? I wanted to change it from Green Ghost to Rip Van Winkle. I wanted to change it because that's what I am known by on other reef forums. Please let me know if that could be done?
    Hi Bertoni. I'm trying to send a private message to someone and include several attachments (pictures). Is this possible? There is no attachment icon like there is when you post on a thread. Advice? Thank you.
    Hey just curious, I joined reef central years ago and was active on here for a number of years.....Life happened and I got rid of my tank. I am now starting over in the hobby. I see where I have to have 50 posts before I can see the classified ads. Do my posts from before not count? Just curious because I could use some used equipment. Thank you.
    Is there any way to get around the 60 post minimum to see classifieds? I do not have a reef tank yet so posting content is very difficult short of "great tank" or "following" which does not provide useful content. If I could see the classifieds and got a tank I would be able to post more valuable content.
    hey there. HNY my friend. I posted this a few days ago but no replies and usually I get quite a few. So, I'm wondering if I am posting to wrong forum since there is no specific forum for hybrid tanks? Here is original post and should you have any suggestions yourself...great!


    Dudes (men and women)! Hope you had a great and happy holiday. After several months of life getting in the way, I'm ready to populate my new 60gal cube tank and this time I want a bit more of a hybrid. I miss looking at colourful fish but I can't let go of the corals. Aside from the typical gobi, clowns and clean up snails, crabs, etc...I'd like to develop more fish and coral livestock in the next month or so. Any compatibility issues I should know about?

    Also, I'm looking to have some livestock shipped to me. Unique Corals is one company I have heard has a good reputation. Any experiences?


    ps sorry if this post is in the wrong forum, couldn't find a forum for hybrids...
    Can I again request that you add the Mid South Reef Society to the reef club forums and delete WTMRAC?
    Bertoni--Thank you so much for whatever you did to re-instate my old profile Swampybill. You & all the other moderators won't regret your decision. I've missed this community alot & will do absolutely nothing to upset anyone ever again...& my Moms washed my mouth out w/ soap too...lol...Thanks again--Bill C.
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