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  • Would like to reserve TNT anacropora, jf barney, Dave's skittles, orange yuma and aussie awesome. Let me know when to meet up. Thanks.
    Ok on the buttkissers. I have over 200 Nirvanas, what do want pics of? Nirvanas?

    Give me your email and I can send pics. They are all on my PC as I take pictures with a DSLR. I only use my phone for txt and calls as I use Tracfone and pay for minutes.
    Ok 5 is good. Ill take the nirvanas to if nobody has claimed them. If you have some pics i would be interested my # is 330-634-6389
    Hey Ed, A couple of Lear members including myself need the Par Meter. Can you drop it off at Kreegers house?
    Hi, yes I have about 40 acros, 10 or so zoa/paly species, Cherry Coral acans and favias. I also have Orange yumas & bounce shrooms
    Hi Ed
    Glad you able to save it, seems like this coral is fading away:( Yeah, i spoke with John and he is asking $250 for a frag, to me its insane:))
    Ill keep searching hoping to find one:)

    Hello Ed
    Happy New year!

    I am looking around for frag of Purple Monster and i remember you use to sale this coral. Wondering if you got a frag?

    Hi there, I am interested in some frags . I am not sure if they are still available , please let me know.
    -Red gecko
    -peletta pink tip
    - lime in the sky
    -sc orange passion
    -vivids rainbow delight
    -daves skittle
    -Aussie pink Floyd

    I'll take the following depending on the overnight shipping cost. I'm at 30114. Thx Dave

    Tyree Purple Monster-85
    Rasberry Hyacinthus Table- 40—established encrusted
    Tierra del Fuego- ½”-5/8”- 45
    Daves Skittle Acro-35
    Ultimates(Rommels) Rainbow Acro- 45
    Hey Ed,

    Colton here. It was nice talking with you this past weekend. Feel free to give me a call / come over for a beer whenever. My information is below.

    Colton Meng
    (440) 665-8532
    2371 Loyola Road, University Heights, OH 44118
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