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    Sorry it sold. Someone pinged me last night for my paypal and then paid this morning.

    Sorry it sold. Someone pinged me last night for my paypal and then paid this morning.
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    Ro help

    I keep 65 gallons of RODI on hand and am in Shalimar. You are welcome to it if you have containers to haul it with. Let me know. Yeah been a while since we have had any meetings unfortunately.
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    My Apex Tunze Settings and Profile examples. Help for others and feedback appreciated

    I set mine up using these instructions and used my laptop. While possible to do via mobile I would think it would take much more time and be more prone to errors/typos.
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    During a power outage with Neptune

    Interesting. I see what you have done there with the relay and that makes sense. Your design will work because you are essentially breaking the connection to the controller in the event of a power outage. That will work. The other option is to power your controller during the outage so it...
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    During a power outage with Neptune

    Interesting about switching pumps and it works. I would have to agree that it is something in the one pump. Your code all looks good and is not what is turning it off. I am not familiar with the 1073 pump so not sure what you mean by the splitter. Are you referring to the box where you...
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    During a power outage with Neptune

    What you describe above should work if I understand it correctly. The only thing I can think of is that there may be an issue with your Apex code for the VDM outlet controlling the 1073.050 pump. Can you post it here for review? I am wondering you you have an if power EB8 off then off...
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    Intended Fish Purchase Check Thread

    Is there a new thread or process for checking your intended fish purchases? The sticky on was closed several months ago for what looked like was supposed to be a week. I always used it and appreciated the help and info it provided. Thanks
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    Neptune Shutting Off Vectra W/Built In Float Switch Input

    It should be very easy to do what you want with a relay however it would require an outlet on the EB8 to control the state. I bought a 110v one on Amazon recently that could be used as either normally open or closed. I have prime so the total cost with shipping was less than 10.00 for the...
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    Apex Jr. or just a long bus cable?

    Go with the long aquabus cable for a number of reasons. Having 1 controller in the long run will be best.
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    Question from Lillian, AL

    Ft. Walton Beach Sailfish Club 23 Meigs Drive Shalimar, FL 32579 Date: February 28, 2016 (Sunday) Time: 11:00 am till Agenda: Meet and Greet with Lunch (BarBQ Pulled Pork and the fix'ins) Frag swap/trade/sale Tank drilling demo with hands on FPRS Members only drawing for a Marineland...
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    Question from Lillian, AL

    Hi Stickgal. Yes several of us have done this if within a close distance to each other. Nice to have locals help out and back each other up. Also we usually get together for a club meeting about once a quarter to share ideas and swap frags. We have one coming up at the end of Feb and will be...
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    Missing EB8

    Delete them again and add them back in the order you want them in.
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    vectra and neptune Apex

    The Royal exclusiv red dragon pumps are apex controllable. This is the route I went with the Black Friday sales since u was tired of waiting for Ecotech to make the vectra apex compatible.
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    About Royal Exclusiv

    I will say I have been more than pleased with the help and support from the Royal Exclusiv team. I would not think twice about ordering more equipment from them when/if needed. I have a Red Dragon pump on my Vertex skimmer and recently bought the RD3 80w pump for my return pump. I am out of...
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    Apex and Nest Thermostat

    Sounds interesting. Keep us posted.