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    Need Advice on Tank Size

    If the tank is built into the wall, you need to take into account if you have access to the back or sides. Not only do you want to be able to reach the bottom of the tank, but you want to be able to reach the back-bottom corner too. My last reef tank was a 3' (914mm) cube. I could just reach...
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    How to repair a flaky Inkbird controller

    I don't have that problem. But I have the temp probe in the main tank and the heater it's controlling is in-line in the plumbing. My tank tends to react to the heater quite a bit slower. Takes 30 minutes to raise 1F and depending on air temp in the room can take 1-3 hours to cool the same 1F...
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    How to repair a flaky Inkbird controller

    I'm using one of these on my tank. I think the biggest complaint I have is a weird sound that seems to come from it when the relay is on. I might be replacing mine soon too. I like the idea of scavenging parts off of it before tossing it.
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    Quietest return pump?

    Same. I used silicone hot pads under all my pumps. Depending on how it's plumber, it could be a resonance through the pipes too. Maybe flexible pvc could help? Sent from my LM-G820 using Tapatalk
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    Using a Freshwater tank for Saltwater

    The hardest part about making the switch is figuring out how to get the water to the sump. Most of the people I know that swapped either drilled, or had their tank drilled for a BeanAnimal overflow. It worked well for me when I had my saltwater tank running. I went the other way recently and...
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    Announcement re ph, ph tests, etc. Don't

    I only used pH to know when to shut off the co2 to the calcium reactor.
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    Dosing method

    Just for comparison. I dosed manually once a day. So my tank saw large spikes in the morning as I dosed before work before the lights came on. Then it would gradually decrease until the next morning. My corals did just fine for what I kept.
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    another DIY Doser

    There's probably a bunch of these in DIY already, but I submit to you my entry in the DIY Doser category. I don't have a reef tank anymore, but I'm still a regular in the lounge here. I thought I'd go ahead and show this design. I'm using this to dose fertilizer into a small planted tank. I...
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    Getting back in--- deep

    Things change. The wife and I are looking at moving this summer. We put our house on the market on Monday. For the time being, I have shut down the tank and moved all the equipment to the garage. I'm hoping to set it back up at the new house. I'd like to take that time to upgrade the recirc...
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    bean animal question

    You could run the first two parts of a bean animal and just not have the final emergency overflow. What are the odds of clogging two 1.5" pipes? If you have any automation, put a float switch in the top of the overflow box set to turn the main pump off if the water gets too high in the box...
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    Sell house with fish tank?

    Hate to say this, but I doubt you'll get anything for the tank in the sale of the house. I just got finished taking my tank down yesterday so we can put our house on the market next month. Mines only a 120, though. I sold my livestock and moved all the equipment to the garage. Best thing to do...
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    IOT Photon

    I haven't played with that one yet. I've been using esp32's a lot lately running micropython.
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    Wall mounted QT tank.

    I would if it were my piece of mind.
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    Wall mounted QT tank.

    I know you already finished yours, but for others thinking of doing it. Use lag bolts. The braces are rated at 500lbs, but that's assuming you use the largest lag bolts that will fit in the holes. Pre drill and use 3" bolts. The issue is not only the stripping of the screw from the wood, but...
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    Don't call it a comeback!

    I got back in 2 years ago. Just remember... the older gear still 'works'. A lot of your older knowledge will still apply to the new tank. You don't 'have' to use a controller to run a successful tank. The controller may make it easier, or if you're not technically savvy, it may make it harder...