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  • Hello,
    I have been looking to setup a rimless 25G cube after the sale of my 140G mixed reef.
    I was wondering if you could share any ideas from your experience. Did you like the AI nano fixture ? or better yet did your coral like it ? Im thinking of purchasing the 25g marineland rimless cube and drilling it and adding a gl*******s overflow kit. Did you find your factory drain setup loud ? Any other equip suggestions ? Mp10 work good on this size cube ?
    If you have the direct link to the tank for sake that would be awesome. I've looked through the pages but didn't see one for sale....
    Was trying to insert pic but not working

    How is that reefkeeper
    Is it just a cool toy or is it useful
    I found a used one for 290.00 shipped with all this stuff

    Reefkeeper lite package. Includes Head Unit, 2x PC4, temperature probe, DA PH probe, SL1 module, computer interface, ALC Module, RKM blue moon light, 2x float switches 4x packets PH Calibration, BUS Cables and screws

    Are there alarms that go off if temp is to high or low
    Or for salinity changes anything light that
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