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    Jbj rl30

    Hey Jeremy, It is me! Still involved with reef tanks. Never did get the 650 finished but I did find a sweet deal on a 360. I see you've opened your own shop, I need to pay you a visit sometime. Would love to catch up!
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    Jbj rl30

    any pics?
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    New tank w poss bad seam, please give opinions

    It looks like a spacer they use to keep the silicone from squishing out when they put the tank together. Have you looked for more spacers in the other seams?
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    what to use for plywood tank? :wave:
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    Tank designed with built-in wavebox

    ^ Got any pics?|
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    directions how to build plywood tank

    Try the plywood forum here. Should keep you busy for a few days.
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    Plywood tank (hopefully)

    You should try this site for a plywood tank.
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    Plywood Tank

    Oops, forgot to mention that this tank has 2 viewing sides, thus the extra cost for glass.
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    Plywood Tank

    I'm in the process of building a 650 gallon plywood tank. Not including the tools I needed, (such as clamps and a biscuit joiner) I've got about $1000 into it. The majority of that was the epoxy. I figure after I get the glass, the total will be somewhere around $2000. I don't think I could...
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    My Reef 400gals of SPS

    HOLY Crap! You don't just show pics like that without some kind of warning!:eek1: :eek1: :eek1: :eek1: :eek1: :eek1: :eek1: Ok, now that my pulse has returned to normal, we need a FTS, end shots, and also shots of the eqipment... Spectacular tank by the way! Ok, I'm ready for the pics.
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    How to get to the bottom...

    Of a 7 ft tall ro/di storage container to install a new bulkhead? Hole in the top is only 8 inches. Any ideas?
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    Sale 120 RR/close loop

    hhmmm, that tank looks very familiar!:)
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    600 gallon plywood Down Grade!

    . Is this a post filter and do you have any pics of it?
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    help building a plywood sump

    check out the plywood forum here. Great info on building tanks, should work for sumps too.
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    Attention plywood tank builders

    Have you checked out this site?