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  • My leopard wrasse keeps the population in check for me. Check with your local reef club - I'm sure someone will be happy to donate a few
    Would you happen to have any micro brittle starfish still? I'm having trouble finding any locally in middle tennessee.
    No Problem! I bought too many plugs for too much $$$ and one day I was at HD and they caught my eye. Had to at least give them a try for the cost! You can also take any encrusting coral and put it in the middle of several tiles and allow it to spread over all of them.

    Wow I'm so lame I just saw this.

    Yes I've been an engineer for a long time, started as a sapper in the A&O platoon, then sold out to the dark side and have been an Engineer officer for a while. I deployed as a 12C platoon leader and later took command of the 361 Multi Role Bridge Company in Georgia, Now I'm in construction and do contracting. We'll Now I'm a reservist which is awesome, I'm just about to put water in my new home's 180 gallon in wall aquarium. So excited!
    here ya go! richard said they expect ian will be in the hospital until about mid-january. he sent me both addresses so that's what i'm sending to everybody who asks. :)

    Ian Johnson
    P. O. Box 406
    Gunter, TX 75058

    Denton Regional Medical Center
    c/o Ian Johnson
    3535 S. Interstate 35 E
    Denton, TX 76210-6850
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