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  • Hi Billsreef, I posted a thread in the Fish-only forum chronicling the setup of my tank, and it is no longer showing in the list of threads for that forum. What is going on with that ?
    I stopped posting on RC but I posted a happy Birthday in the lounge for 20 years of RC. As I recall you were one of the founders. Maybe you can give credit where credit is due. Talked to Larry a couple of years ago and Mr Shultz is I dive instructor in Mexico. Guess he didn't make it to Figi but he's still living his dream.

    Sorry to bother, but i think i have posted under the wrong category, could it be possible to have it moved over to general discussion?

    Thank you in advance,

    Best regards,
    Hi Bill!
    I've started a new thread, and I am finished with my old thread, "Caribbean Biotope Seagrass Tank", and I was hoping to get it stickied, or at least added to the "Old helpful Posts" sticky, here in the macro algae section. It's got a ton of good info in it, and I'd hate to see it disappear. Does it qualify for this?

    Thanks for your time!
    Michael Hoaster
    Can you message me or email me at I am starting hyposalinity treatment and wanted to know how low i can go on salinity because i dont have an ATO i posted in disease treamtnt page. and if the fish shows no signs of ich how long do i leave it in hypo.
    I have made a post twice about what happens to ich when fish remain but no fish are added for an extended period of time and both times it has disappeared? Most recently made yesterday. Can you tell me why they are disappearing?
    Hi Bill! Can you please remove the stupid post i did on the Thread I recently made? It never let me delete it after I posted it. Its the one with the giant photo that I would like deleted.
    Hi there,
    I was told to try and contact you about a copepod problem I'm having. I run a facility for Ciona intestinalis, and it is being taken over by copepods. It's gotten so the juveniles cannot survive for long in the tanks with copepods because they're ingesting them and their tiny bodies can't handle it. I was wondering if you know of an effective way to get rid of the copepods. I'm nervous to introduce a predator, since I don't know how much they will help (the pods are benthic) and the juvenile animals are as little as .5 cm, so anything with any kind of sucking power can rip them right off the dishes.


    Not true I do not have multiple usernames I only have one as this is the first time I have been on this site. As for self promotion I have not posted any links to any of my stuff once I figured out that wasn't allowed and I might mention something but that's to be expected. So I'm afraid there is no substance to these claims. Have a good evening cheers!
    OH OK i really didntknow i saw a post about trading and thought it was related , really sorry im just new and havent been on the site forlong i find this site helpfullin many ways thou ,i hopeyou understand and let me stay promise it will not happen again , i hope you understand and not band me from full activity *** i join reefcentral to really get help since im new to the hobby and only i will now know not to post any sells and other related to subject , thank you
    So if I don't clean it and just look for any debree in the sand it will be fine to just throw in the tank as live sand? Also will the fineness of the sand be a prob or is it the optimum grain size
    Sand off Pompano should be fine. From in the water would make for some good live sand. However, spend some time poking around the FWC website and check out the legality of collecting sand from the beach like that. I haven't looked into that, so I'm not sure and wouldn't want to steer you into trouble with FWC.
    hey bill i see your a very loved and appreciated guy around reef central so im looking for a experienced/trusted answer since you live in fl and go diving you think using sand from a secluded part of pompano beach fl would be ok i dont mind hitch hikers as i would clean off the sand rigorously before using it i want about a 3 inch dsb for the blue spot jawfish and leopard wrasse i will have in my 75 so it would be fairly expensive to buy all that sand so my main concern is will it leak out phosphates or silicates in my tank? also if its safe where should i collect i cant go deep out but i could go a few yards out or should i just get it already dry from the beach? thanks
    The timely response has more to do with the topic being interesting ;) As for mod status, that is one of those don't ask us, we'll ask you if the time comes ;)
    ohhh your a moderator, okay, I see why you have the timely responses!

    i started a topic " bioluminescent aquarium " under " advanced topics " and I would like to keep it clean and scientific, and on topic. I have managed php forums before from the creation of the domain and sql database to the content contained within the forums.

    I request moderator permissions for just the topic i started to educate people.

    I really want to push this information and get the level of interest known, as well as the information, perhaps the big suppliers will catch wind of it.

    " bioluminescent aquarium " under " advanced topics "
    please allow me to delete or at least edit repeats, off topic, and false posts.

    Mr Bill, can you point me in the right direction to achieve moderator status for this topic?
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