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    Slowwwwly removing a DSB

    That would depend on what kind of biological filtration you currently have going. Why are you removing the dsb ?
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    Confirm or deny?

    Yes, I was wrong. They are indeed made by the same manufacturer. Just different formulas. Sorry for the mistake. I also understand Red Sea has or is changing its formula. I may have to get back to testing again. :)
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    Confirm or deny?

    Those two salts are made by different manufacturers. Your lfs was selling you a bill of goods. They are not even close to the same salt. Though in a pinch, either would be fine. I hate when lfs's lie...... :(
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    reefcrystals vitamins cause bacteria blooms??

    I doubt it is bacteria that you are seeing, rather gunk stirred up from the water change. Bacteria does not develop that fast in our aquariums. The so called vitamins in Reef Crystals is not causing your problem. I'd look to another source. Maybe you'll need to do a series of quick water changes...
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    Mg test Kits Salifert vs Elos

    Exactly correct. Every kit is a little different depending on many factors, like Bertoni said. If you are within 100 ppm either way on a magnesium test kit. you are good to go. As I've said in the past, hobby grade magnesium kits have a lot of test noise and considering the numbers within the...
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    A General Guide to Salt Mixes

    Finsky, one should never pick a salt mix because of an initial pH reading. pH is moved by many things. It is an insignificant number IMO. There are a few differences in RC as opposed to Seachems Reef Salt which have nothing to do with pH. If RC is working well for you, I would not change salts...
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    To dose Baking Soda or not

    Are you dosing baking soda per the Reef Chemicals calculator and if so, are you figuring total water volume or just tank size ? Big difference.
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    To dose Baking Soda or not

    I realize the mark on the API vials is not correct, but I have found that using the line provided by API gives accurate results comparable to other test kits. I recommend always using the line provided on any API test kit. One must remember that API is giving readings in 1 dkh increments so...
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    Reef Complete - The Strontium Within

    I've used Reef Complete for years and have had no issues with it. The strontium in it is a non issue IMO, and as Bertoni said, the magnesium will vary with different tank types. I used reef complete because of the potency of the calcium which is much stronger than most products. It is as...
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    Red Slime remover....skimmer overflowing..

    Mike, Red slim remover will cause a skimmer to go nuts for days. I doubt carbon will help much. 1 or 2 more water changes and you should be back to normal. I personally will never use that product again. For many reasons.
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    help with calcium, either my test is way off or im in trouble!

    325 ppm calcium is pretty low for RC. Are you sure you are at 1.0264 ? Your mag number is way off as well unless you have been supplementing magnesium . That sounds like test kit error.
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    Boomer..Two Carbon Quesions

    Well reading that last page was an experience. Hi Boomer. I thought you just bought a new keyboard. :lolspin: :wave:
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    Refractometer a must?

    Most tanks will look equally good at 1.030 as well as 1.026. I doubt your tank looking better has anything to do with salinity. My 2 cent. I do not know why any serious reefkeeper would not want to use anything but a refractometer. Price and accuracy. Sorry rayjay...... I aint buyin'.
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    Really low Calcium in NSW

    I have never seen a synthetic salt mix that low in calcium. If you are sure your testing procedures are correct, I would return the bucket for a refund.
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    How to dose for Alkalinity?

    I doesnt look like you need a two part at the moment. Just get some Arm & Hammer baking soda and dose per the calculator that Cliff referenced. It is really that easy. :)