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    AI SOL vs. Ecotech Radion

    I think the elos e stripe leds are pretty sweet
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    broken screw

    It seems the screw that holds the propeller on has broken off after two months.Is this a regular occurance
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    tunze pump

    Can i get a replacemet pump for the tunze calcium reactor.I'm in aldergrove,b.c.I broke off that little plastic nipple.I live closet to aquatic addictions,but can go to jl aquatics also.thx josh
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    replacement pump

    I broke off the little nipple om the calcium reactor circ pump.Can i pay for a replacement.I'm in aldergrove,British columbia
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    How do you dial back the newer junction boxes?
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    thx for your response.Are you talking about that small white knob on that little square box?I will continue to play and appreciate your offer to help.
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    I find that if i don't have the pulse all the way left,i don't get a wave.At best i get a half inch wave.My tank is only fourfeet long,ithought i would have to be dialing it back,not maxing it out.The pump is also maxed out.Should there be more play like a one inch wave?
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    will do
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    I have a tenuis that looks like it has fallen in a sand bed.The tips have a crushed look to them.Is there any ideas what could be happening.It does not appear to be bleaching,but another stag frag is doing the same.You could tell there is minor tissue damage on the tips.
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    back siphoning

    I'm constantly getting an alarm for high limit,when its not i teat the float up and down and it works.I had this unit sitting dry for 5 months now it keeps acting up.I also get a high low alarm which indicates its gotten wet and i know for a fact it hasn't
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    back siphoning

    IS this the only issue with the osmolator because i've had that ear piercing alarm going off two days in a row
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    Kent Marine Phosban Reactor....

    What phosphate kit are you measuring with?I use the merc kit and find it difficult to read?
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    powerhead placement

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    powerhead placement

    Just curious at all the 4x2x2 120 gallon tank owners where you have your powerheads placed?I find i keep getting detris buildup between the back overflows.
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    Bubble King Skimmer Club

    for the supermarine 250 owners,what does that quarter inch hose running along the pump do?Its roughly 4 iches long.