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    So I went on vacation............

    that sucks hardcore man. good luck
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    How would you rank these 3 angels?

    1. emporer 2. queen 3. goldflake that being said here is my personal emp.
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    Aptasia and Majano infestation

    copperbands are what a lot of people use for aptaia speciffically but i think that is generally because they are ok to house in a reef. I have had both double saddleback and and raccoons and have never seen a sign of aptasia in my tanks. Most butterflys are know for eating nems so just about...
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    lions and snowflake?

    don't have a lion but i do have a snowflake. I would disagree with wht olemiss said. My eel doesn't really swim around in open water all that much. Generally when i feed he just comes out of his hole far enough to grab whatever i am feeding it and then ducks back in. Maybe it depneds on yout...
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    regal angel f/s

    off topic but i have an emp and he absolutely destroys brains, zoas, acans and favias. does fine with hammers and torch type stuff though.
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    Aptasia and Majano infestation

    not sure what all is in your tank but..... butterfly fish. they may find some corals tasty though as well which could prove to be a problem after the aptasia is gone.
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    Huma Huma

    I have one in my semi reef tank and love it to death. great fish and he gets along great with everything.
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    Emperor angel compatibilty

    doubtful since it is a trade. so far he hasn't picked anything with "tenticles". I just don't want a bothered nem wandering my tank and getting into a powerhead and nuking the whole tank.
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    Emperor angel compatibilty

    How do these fish do with anemones? I have someone looking to trade a BTA to me but i don't want to put it in my tank if these fish are known for eating them or beating them up. any feedback is helpful, my emp is not currently bugging my torches, frogspawn, hammers, xenia or gsp. He does beat...
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    more practicing. aka lots o pics

    feedback anyone? pretty new at this.
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    Some tank shots

    real nice. wonder if my camera has a macro feature? i'd like a macro lens but can't swing the cash at the moment.
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    more practicing. aka lots o pics

    still just playing with settings. Shot at various shutter speed and apertures. ISO set at 1600. All pumps on and i didn't clean the glass. All shot witht the 55-200 mm lens.