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    LF reef cement

    Hey steve, i have some e marco 400
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    Getting out of the hobby - tear down advice

    depending on your location, call local fish shops, they might be able to atleast take all your live stock, corals and perhaps live rock all at once, or post here or facebook page for local hobbists, as far as equipment just price it to sell, someones always looking for a tank. good luck
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    Ted C - Getting out of the hobby - for sale thread

    pm sent on waveline dc pump, chiller and poss the pacific sun
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    FS: 150 SCA Rimless Tank, Stand & Sump

    Good to hear, try softie tank, mines been super simple, small water change and salinity ck and thats been it, no dosing or alk, calcium chasing
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    Where did everyone go?

    I think alot of people went to facebook as well, because the posting of pictures became so difficult when photobucket stopped letting you post your own and old ones vanished as well
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    New Algae reactor arrived

    wow, horrible customer service, glad it didnt happen while running, someone was watching out for you
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    what tunze return for standard 90g aquarium

    so got the 1073.05 dc, running at 24v and max speed setting, ok flow, but dont want to run at max all the time, if i were to up size plumbing, have 3/4" hose barb and 3/4" union above pump, to 1" union and get rid of barb, would this help flow/back pressure at all
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    50 gallon cube tank build

    like the rock work, groot would make a nice place for a bubble tip
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    Yard sale

    pm sent
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    Buying aquarium local

    +1 on the planet aquariums, just picked up a used one and great build quality, nice thick glass, polished edges, nice clean silicon work
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    what tunze return for standard 90g aquarium

    what return would you recommend for standard 90g set up w herbie overflow system 1703.020, 040, 050
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    Yard sale

    where are you located
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    Innovative marine nuvo 40 for sale

    sold, thanks Rod, nice to meet you
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    Innovative marine nuvo 40 for sale

    yes im available tuesday
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    Innovative marine nuvo 40 for sale

    just lowered price to 375.00 as well, cant beat it.