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  • Is there any way that you would be able to post those articles that you said you had on the anemone reproduction etc? I am writing a analytical report and would love to have some of that information first hand. Thank you, Ian
    Have a quick question about clams. I have read your posts regarding stress clams however they do not seem to accurately described what mine is doing. I took in 4 T clams on trade about 3 months ago. All have been growing colored up nicely and show no signs of stress. Out of the blue one clam turns vertical with the sand and almost closes up completely. I righted the clam not knowing what it was doing. The first thing I noticed is that the clam has completely withdrawn its mantle into the shell and probabyl half an inch or so of the shell where the mantle would be is bare. The shell upright opens about 1/3 of an inch and again the clam is completely withdrawn in on its self. I can still see color and there is not sign of the flesh metling or rotting. I am not sure what to do. Don't want to foul the tank but I know very little of this behavior. If you could be so kind to offer some advice I would be forever grateful!
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