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    Brown Slipper Lobster

    Well he's finally molting! He became very pale at the tail end and this morning I was watching him climb out the back of the shell. He didn't really grow that much about another inch or so. He is hiding now from the snowflake is my guess but he (the eel) is well fed and ate last night so no...
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    Deflated Sea Cucumber

    Yeah get it the heck outta the tank ASAP! I have always had bad luck with them being attacked and then they freak out or if I do a water change that upsets them. I have gone through about three of them and never will buy another.
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    ID needed on Mr. Evil Crab.

    That is one awesome looking crab! Do they sell them anywhere or are they just normally hitchhickers?
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    Is it possible to have a healthy reef without coraline

    I too have a "healthy" tank, but I do show spots "giant" Spots on the sides. I think that is where the water flow is at its least maybe.....Or I could just be delusional and my tank is a boz of crap! LOL
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    Lions in reefs - show yours

    I would love to have one of those, but I already have a maroon clownfish and a snowflake in a 55 and its in a reef setting. They are beautiful fish wonderful pictures!
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    Sea Hare Question.

    Probably shot off his dye not too long ago would be my best guess. Or has roids and was using Prep H. LOL
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    Can Brittle Sea Star and Serpent Sea Star eat Berghia

    My serpent star didn't touch them I don't have any experience with a brittle star though.
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    Flat Worms

    No I believe they will eventually die off. I have the red ones and thank god they don't spread as fast as some of the horror stories I have heard. They are pretty easy to siphon out too.
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    saragassum trigger - RIP

    Well it is always a shame to loose a trigger. They are more like a family pet then a "fish." My condolences, I lost a niger trigger once and couldn't buy another. Kinda like my snowflake eel he's a real character! I love him and don't think I could replace him.
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    Non-Standard Clean up crew?

    Bristleworms, can't go wrong with them. They eat everything, I have ordered them from that site before and was very pleased. Still have a couple of the originals. Just be sure no six line wrasse or arrow crab graces your tank.
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    Where to find feeders?

    You can get cheap crabs at reef janitors. Otherwise I would be willing to ship out green crabs to you. I live in Portsmouth NH and we have tons of green crabs all sizes. During the summer that is what I feed my snowflake eel. He goes crazy for them. When I had a cuttlefish (which I don't...
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    sponge(?) ID

    Could be what they call "pineapple sponge" or scypha sponge. If they are, they are completely harmless filter feeders. I have a couple come and go from time to time.
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    Brown Slipper Lobster

    They are pretty easy to keep. I have heard that they become "bulldozers" though when they get big. So far I have had no problems with him knocking corals and such over. Guess I will have to wait and see what the little bugger turns into. LOL
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    Fire Shrimp

    Chances are it molted and then was eaten by someone in your tank.
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    Now don't freak out...

    Interesting....there is sugar in the apple juice maybe that is what the corals were reacting to? I don't think I would put anything forgien like apple juice into my tank though.