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    Maxspect Gyre XF350 slow in reverse?

    I've got a pair of XF350's linked together with the gyre controller. The secondary pump is supposed to run opposite of the main pump When pump A is running forward at 100% it moves a lot of water. I've noticed there's a trivial amount of flow coming from the other pump running in reverse. I...
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    Skimmer too big?

    could you please elaborate?
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    Skimmer too big?

    I run a skimmer rated for anywhere between 250g and 1000g on my 220 with great enjoyment and effectiveness. Skimmer ratings are absolute crap, because there is no quantifiable measurement used to determine this. Also there are many variables to consider. If OP is heavily stocked or plans to add...
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    Skimmer too big?

    Absolutely not! The biggest skimmer you can fit in your sump is the skimmer you should run.
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    Maxspect Gyre XF280 review

    So I have a 8ft long tank, and originally flow was provided by 2 of the original gyres (XF130?), 4 MP40's and my returns. I swapped out the two original gyres for the XF280's. I don't think I have any need for the mp40's anymore. The XF280's seem to support several modes, from working in...
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    Really yellow water

    So I've got fairly yellow water (noticable when you are drip acclimating a fish into a white bucket) I am guilty of neglect and not running carbon for a while. I bought a MR5 from avast marine, and so that holds 5 cups of carbon. I've had it running with slower flow through the sicce 1.0...
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    can't believe it!

    You hate doing a water change Because it makes your water cleaner faster than by dosing MB7/Vodka? Why is changing the water such a big deal, there isn't that much bacteria in the water column. Do you have a skimmer? What do you think happens to any bacteria floating around all willy nilly :D
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    can't believe it!

    ca of 475 while high is okay, what you need to make sure is that everything doesn't precipitate out and cause your alk/ca to crash. When in doubt, Do a water change (Would be nice if that rhymed)
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    can't believe it!

    How much have you added to the titration test? Are you sure it was 6.8 dkh and not 6.8 meq/l ? that might explain the other test not working. I think with the salifert you can just keep adding to it, until it does change colour, then add the results. maybe. Check the instructions :)
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    people who go with "almost" no Water Changes needed!

    HELLO FRIEND! I have to say, that is the single most informative graph I have ever seen for this hobby in my life. I would be quite interested to get my hands on it. Do you obtain your values via test kits, or do you use a water testing service like triton. I'm sorry if you answered this...
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    Magnesium and bryopsis

    I am also battling bryopsis. I am in the final stages I believe, and I tried Tech M. However I found all it did was get my mollusks drunk. This agitated the bryopsis issue as I no longer had any inverts processing the algae. What I found helped was a two front attack of manual removal of the...
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    Skimmer Nyos Quantum

    <rant> You know, I'm REALLY unimpressed with this skimmer. It won't sit in 6 inches of water in my tank, I HAVE to raise it out of the water until it's about 3" in. I've tried operating it with the air wide open, and the gate valve fully open when it's sitting in 6" of water, and all it does...
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    prazipro rendering nitrate test ineffective?

    So I apparently don't know how to use my Salifert test kit. When looking at it I should be dividing by 10. So my 100-75 ppm nitrates = 10-7.5. I had my LFS test it today, 5ppm nitrates. So that's good. Thank you to everyone for their input.
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    prazipro rendering nitrate test ineffective?

    Hi I'm currently treating my DT for parasites with prazipro. I went to check my nitrates (no3) and it is reading 100+ ppm on my salifert test kit. Has anyone else run into this? I'm pretty sure my nitrates should be below 10, they were when I measured a week back. Perhaps reef chemistry isn't...
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    New skimmer!

    One thing I noticed already is for a 220 gal skimmer (Heavy Bioload) the neck is a little short. Especially since the pump is located inside the unit itself. I think Nyos was a little optimistic with their skimmer rating. but whatever it's already pulling stuff out of my tank 3? hours into running.