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    LFS in NYC?

    manhattan aquarium Can't recall the address on the top of my head
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    My 120 SPS tank growth shots and top-downs

    very nice growth
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    Candlelight Acro, let's see em

    so pretty!
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    Out of control tank - reborn!

    good recover
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    Lets see your BIG colonies!

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    Help. Is my clown done?

    +1 on brooknella
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    Do I have too much light?

    I have a Mag7 Koralia 3 Koralia 2 and I'm still thinking of adding my tunze nanostream back in there (40 Breeder)
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    Do I have too much light?

    I think you need a lot more flow
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    Am i new ready for SPS

    I think the "magic" number was 50x over What kind of test kits are you using?
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    Water is cloudy

    Pics + More info Do you run carbon?
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    Reef aquariums = bad???

    this video makes me feel horrible =/ but I also question the validity of everything that was mentioned in the video
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    Do I have too much light?

    shouldn't be too much light I have a 250W MH over a 40g breeder Make sure to acclimate your corals
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    Xiaan's 130G Starfire Cube Build

    congrats on the successful move! I recently did mine, and started on 8PM (horrible idea)
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    Macro pics of a Montipora.

    nice pics, I need to pick up some macro lenses