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  • it still needs to cycle. itll take a few months, which will give you time to do a rock scape. i put a couple cheap damsels in mine to help it cycle (theyre fairly hardy) i let mine cycle for about 3 months before dding anything other than the 2 damsels. remember, the lfs isnt going to replace the dead fish that didnt make it through the cycle, theyll just be happy youre purchasing more. thats why i used damsels. $3 fish vs $20-$200 fish and coral.
    Brackish, thanks for your response. I purchased a new heater from the LFS. I was kinda worried, 'cause of the Thanksgiving Holiday and I couldn't locate a proper heater at first. However, all is well now concerning that.
    I do have another Q, though, if you have the time. I can't find the answer on any site. All the items in my tank were purchased as 'live' (sand and rock). The water, I was told, didn't need to cycle. I was told it was fish ready. I even put a dose of bacteria in the tank to 'boost' it. Is it true the tank is 'livestock ready"? I'm a bit confused by the LFS. They had also said it would need a small piece of frozen shrimp to kick start a cycle. I can't say I know what to believe. These guys at the LFS speak with authority like they know what they are talking about, but being new to salt, I don't know if I misunderstood what they were trying to tell me. Is the piece of shrimp necessary?
    it would be wise to get a heater. the bacteria wont die overnight, but should be kept around the normal temp (75-80f is average). walmart has cheap heaters depending on tank size, even if its only for a little bit till you get a better one
    Hey, Brackish. New guy with a Q here. I just set up my first salt tank last night. Got it stocked with live rock & sand. I woke up this morn to find the heater quit. I'll assume it broke when transferring it from another tank. Are the live rock and sand going to die now?
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