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  • Hello, I learned about you through austin lefevre's macna presentation on benthic feeders and was wondering if I could ask you a few questions on dwarf angels in a reef tank?

    Thank you,
    Hi do you have any tips for someone trying multiple wrasses for the first time? I see that you are very experienced with high end wrasses and I've been thinking of going that way with my tank as well, thanks in advance for any hints you may have for me.
    I just love your tank especially all of the wrasses you have. After seeing your tank and all of your wrasses I think I will be featuring as many wrasses as I can in my 120 which means I will have to have a deeper sand bed then I originally wanted.
    hey bradley i was browsing through this thread and saw your beautiful acans ... how much flow and light do you give them to keep them that healthy
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