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  • purple-rimmed green monti cap, I know it has a better name but I forget now. $10 for a generous 1+ inch plate.
    Can I've 2+Inch plate. Yee 314 477 0390 thanks
    Hey i saw u r looking for a Cribrinopsis crassa?

    I live in Germany and they are pretty cheap here and with cheap i mean like 5-10 dollar each.

    i don´t know how it works to send live animals to the US but if u can find out i can get u some anemones
    Hey Brad: do you have any yellow or red colored zoas that you could clip me a frag for the meeting? all i have are a few mushrooms I could trade you if you would like some.for.
    Yes I really think its doing good. No signs of bleaching nice aqua green color. Its 10 to 12 inches across. Has not eaten any fish but I am suspecting it on my harlequin shrimp disappearing.
    Just wanting to know if the gbta you got from me worked out. Did they color up and stay small.
    Hi Brad,
    I have written a few messages to you asking about the bulbs. I'm curious as to why you haven't responded. If you would, please let me know if you recieved the bulbs in good condition. Thanks!
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