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    GHL Proflux Plus II and Stand Alone Dosing LCD screen issues

    Hello I was just wondering who I should contact or where I can go about either sending in my controller and dosing pump in to repair the LCD screens or if someone from GHL could direct me to where I can purchase the replacement screen for both units. The LCD screens on both units have became...
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    June NTOTM thread - post your entries!

    My 14gallon bio cube
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    what brand of silicone to use?

    get the marine land one
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    what brand of silicone to use?

    i like the above one
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    F/S 65 gal Oceanic tank/stand/canopy--$200.

    could you email me pics to please
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    what you think

    The placement is great and the fish are stunning. Fantastic reef.
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    14 gallons of fun

    here is my tank
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    My tank

    Here is my nano tank
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    High End Items for sale

    I prefer to keep local as i do not really have the time to ship these items out with my schedule
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    High End Items for sale

    As a pre-medical student I do not have the time to spend on my reef. The following items are for sale 1) 1-48" Ati Powermodule 8x54watt- $500 2) 2- Vortech Mp40W's- $250.00 each 3) 1- Tunze 6105 and a tunze multi controller - $350 4) 1-Euro reef Rc180- $400 If interested Please Pm me. Thank...
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    I can't take it anymore!!!!!

    they are the older ones, about 2 yrs old but work great. If you or anyone is interested please Pm me =-)
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    I can't take it anymore!!!!!

    I have 3 mp40w's for sale each priced at $250 and a euro reef Rc180 for $300
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    Looking for used 125 gal

    wanna buy a used acrylic 225 for $500? 72"LX30"WX24"H
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    25g Marineland Cube

    Sent you a PM