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  • Give me a call sometime, same number...same house 330.281.9424 getting ready to do some pruneing.
    Dude, you still around? I know I haven't been to a meeting in a while but WTH. Wanting to know if you needed any SW assistance, any Sw supplies that I might have or to BS.
    Hey brad
    What do u think of this list for my 36g tank?

    Yellowhead Jawfish
    Yellow Clown Goby
    Green Clown Goby
    Yellow Watchman Goby
    Royal Gramma
    Algae Blenny
    Blue Gudgeon Dartfish
    Definitely interested. Where are you located? I saw your post on the c-sea forum, and wanted to decide if it was worth the trip to Bratyboy2 first.
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