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    FS: 180 gallon reef ready tank with stand

    Great deal! wish I saw it earlier! I assume its gone??
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    WTB macro algae

    I just threw a ton of grape Caulerpa away! give it a few weeks and you can have some...Im in Oakland park
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    Looking for a shark egg!

    Living Reef usually has them...Id call first
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    fs 120gallon and stuff

    damn....missed a great deal! Good luck Andy! Hope you are well!
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    FS : B-Ionic 2 part 1 Gal each

    I could meet you sunday if you are free....Im working till then. Bret 561 945 1223
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    2 Centropyge Harem in 500L

    In my 93 cube I have a pair of potters and a female watanabe. I know your tank is bigger but my Potters use every inch of my tank and barely tolerate each other! I cant imagine them tolerating another pair of similar species! They ignore the Watanabe and she ignores them....So you may want to...
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    COST of FISH

    Prices went up around 25% last fall.....kind of crazy if you ask me especially since the last order I did everything was DOA or within 24 hours. Yes, international shipping is up now due to reduced flight schedule, but hopefully, soon they'll drop as they are adding more weekly.
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    Best gfo

    I use the stuff from great for me....I tried the higher yield but seemed to work about the same as the regular so I stick to the basic
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    Cool Fish on Diver's Den

    It started right after MACNA. I placed an order when I got home from Orlando...and it was all DOA except 1 fish. When I went to use my 200$ credit a week later The box charge was there. When asked about it they said it was a necessary fee as the cost keep going up. Well now all the fish went...
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    L/F Aussie Elegant Coral

    All the ones coming in these days are Aussie. Just observe it for a while before you commit. They are look Great one day and the next they are all inflated and ready to die....
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    Live Rock Donation

    What's your location? I could come get it....tomorrow
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    Sorry, I just saw this! I have tons I just thinned it out this weekend. When you are up here...

    Sorry, I just saw this! I have tons I just thinned it out this weekend. When you are up here again let me know and I will meet you and give you some . Bret 561 945 1223
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    Looking for some Xenia

    I have some I need to thin out this week. I am in Oakland Park