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    Regal Angel Primer

    That's a lot of VorTechs for some Pukani rock.... :) Beautiful :fish2: though....
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    Where is the L.A. Fishguy? (Jim Stime)

    I was hoping Scott would reply! Good to hear.
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    Where is the L.A. Fishguy? (Jim Stime)

    I really like his videos on youtube. Nothing for like a year. Anyone know what's up with him?
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    Cool Fish on Diver's Den

    It's 3:12 pm and it's gone! I missed it! Was it really $7,500?
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    This is what we need here in the u.s. !!

    Yeah. Looks awful.
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    Cool Fish on Diver's Den

    Wonder what the Clarion will go for today?
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    Cool Fish on Diver's Den

    They're $4k on Poma. For a guarantee from Poma it will cost you $5k.
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    Splotches on my yellow wrasse

    I have a big yellow wrasse. Got him when he was tiny about 2 years ago. He's big and fat now. He's getting the green marks on his face and everything. Yesterday I turned my blue lights all the way up to see my corals pop and in the blue light I noticed the wrasse had all these splotches all...
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    Cool Fish on Diver's Den

    $4,799.99 One word for that price...
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    Cool Fish on Diver's Den

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    Cool Fish on Diver's Den

    Somebody please explain the appeal of this one! $799 for a dirty yellow tang!
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    Should I ditch my chiller?

    I have a 42g tank with an Aqua Euro chiller (1/13 HP I think). I've had the chiller (and tank) for three years or so. The chiller is starting to have some problems. The temperature sensor is way off. The water is 78, and the chiller thinks it's 84! This brand of chiller only lets you adjust...
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    HELP - Losing most of our 40BR population, bit by painful bit

    Same issue for me. Lost a HUGE bubble gum monster chalice. Water had ZERO nutrients. Pulled Phosguard and doubled feeding. Tank is better than ever.
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    Flameback Angel

    I have a coral beauty in my 20 and a flame angel in my 42. Both are doing great. Flame nipped at an orange plate coral, which I took home to my 20 gallon. Coral Beauty has left it alone.... I love dwarf angel. Every tank should have one!
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    What is my anthias eating?!

    I think I have PE mysis in the freezer. I'll give that a try.