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  • Yes. There is the Middle TN reef club located in nashville. They do organized frag swaps 2-3 times a year. Once you join their club, you can access their classifieds and there are always frags for sale there. There really isn't a lot to chose from in the Clarksville area. Nashville is ok but not that much better. I haven't had the best of luck buying fish at Pet Palace but I've picked up a few pieces of coral there that has done well.
    Hey, you responded to one of my questions in a thread a while ago about finding Larry's frozen foods in our area and I appreciate that. Do you know if there are any frag swaps or anything like that in our area, or even around Nashville? I've done some internet research and I couldn't find any information for anything coming up, only stuff in the past. I'm not thrilled with the selection or prices of corals at places around here like Petland or Pet Palace.
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