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  • I'm sorry, but what am I selling?

    I'm looking for groups on FB to join? the one I found has like 15 members and I was trying to see if anyone knew of others that I could join.

    Please point me to some kind of guideline that shows where I "crossed the line"
    i have 2 questions how much does it cost to become a member and where do i send my check.

    what do you do when another member was selling me some corals and was playing games with me for days besides not dealing with them again. i think this was wrong
    Hey, sorry to bother you, but I found an awesome post from humaguy about feeding garlic to marine fish. He is a fish research scientist, and his post shows the negative aspects of feeding garlic.
    I hope you will consider stickies in several sections of RC.
    I am also sending this message to Wolverine this evening. Thanks
    Hi Brian, Saw your Cards logo. IN Florida but born and raised Gateway to the West. Go Cards!!! Wow - 29,000 posts. I bet you have seen it all... Well, just wanted to say hello from a fellow Cards fan... Cheers, Matthew
    Hi Brian, my 210 gallon reef tank has sprung a leak and I'm probably going to have to buy a new one. Does reefcental have a classifieds section anymore? Thank you.

    It has been a while since I have been on RC (I moved and took a break fro the hobby as tank moves are brutal). I was a member of PMASI, and will be again shortly. Most of my last posts were in relation to my tear down for the move. Anyway, what is the rule for Companies? I just bought a saltwater supply company, and am wondering what the proper forum rules are (between me being a hobbiest and new business owner). Thanks, Rob
    good lookn dog.
    Dont like the 50/90 rule at the time but Will when I meet the requirements. It is a PLUS to the ones that make it a community.
    hey BrianD. I have a question about the oh my gosh thread being closed. Was something done on there that was improper?Just curious for any idea why. Thanks for any info as I have not been on for a while and was surprised by the closing.
    Can you change my thread title from Huskerreefs Fish Video, to read Huskerreef fish videos *updated* I added another video and I dont know how to change the title of a thread.


    Jim G
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