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  • Hi Dave,
    It has been awhile. My purple plating coral I got from you at the Buckeye Reef Swap is doing great. Thank you. I am wondering if you would like a donation of a queen angel? She would need to be in a tank with out LPS, or Zoas as she like to nip them...LOL. A FOWLR would probably be best. I love her much, she is just beautiful. But she is maybe getting too big for my custom 180. It is only 5 ft long. A couple shops have offered to trade her in but I do not want that for her. She needs a forever home, and my husband won't let me put in a bigger tank:(. LOL. If not, no worries. Hope all is well with you and yours.
    Victoria Music
    Hi Dave! How are you doing? I went to Salty Critter this past weekend and thought about you! Hope all is well.
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