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  • Hi Bob. I live in NC, so definitely not close enough for a pickup! Do you feel comfortable shipping? Thanks, Kristina
    Hi! I saw that you had some blue layercake sponge available earlier this year. Do you expect to have any more available? I'm looking for some but it seems hard to find now...thanks!
    Hi, I use them near the front of my tank...and only use the actinics. I have a 4bulb T-5 unit...plus the dsuny actinics only. I set them at 50% strength. They are mounted 7-8in above the waters surface. Mine are manual...no automatic programming. Let me know how they work out. Take care, bob
    Hi brutuscz, just read your thread on the dsuny lights, was just wondering how things worked out. I just ordered these lights and am curious on how to set them.
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