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    Marineland rimless 93 gallon cube and stand $150 other stuff!

    Interested in the ATO where you located at?
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    Trigger+Eshopps Sump, AI Hydra 26, Reef Octopus Skimmer, ADA TAnk

    Interested in the AI Director.. willing to break up?
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    At my wits end

    Burning tips, I usually start adding Kent’s Iodine in my tank a cap full each day. Until they look better. Cut on the feeding of the tank, only feed the fish with pellets.
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    Getting out of the hobby sale incl. 125 gal tank

    I’ll take this 30 - Digital Aquatics controller
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    F/S Calcium Reactor and Drop in Chiller

    Pics of the reactor? Pics of the reactor? Lmk thanks
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    Wassup Joe

    Wassup Joe
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    Exporting Bacteria?

    i thought always thought skimmers skimmed out the by-products from bacteria "waste"? BS
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    Exporting Bacteria?

    After reading the NP post almost 30 pages of it..*_____* i came up with the idea can exporting bacteria be done? kinda in a way we export cheato,to promote new growth-in bacteria? please correct me, im new to the dosing and NP idea.. thx BS
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    Bio pellets Hoopla or for realz?

    hmmm question i always wanted to ask after reading 22 pages of the NP post is there any type of good and bad effects when using NP with UV sterilizer? does bacteria reach a topping point? TMZ -dosing vodka and vinegar any recommend amount to dose? plmk thx BS
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    FREE Blue Hippo Tang

    sante if it falls thru let me know!!