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    Acro id

    That's where I was leaning just didn't see any online with yellow polyps.
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    Acro id

    This was my sps tester from a tank I broke down. Any idea what it is. No idea if colors were washed out bad from the other tank but in my tank it's a pretty lighter purple with yellow polyps. The pictures were taken 10 days apart just to see the growth (encrusting)
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    Acro id help

    Any help would be great
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    Bell's Flasher Wrasse

    If you really want one contact or among the reef
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    Reef cleaners website warning

    I just ordered and I loved what I got. Tons of stuff. Most all lived. Maybe a few dead but I couldn't really tell
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    How to get large fish tanks 75 gal plus uk

    But with a stand it'll be more.
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    Cool Fish on Diver's Den

    It might be rare but rare doesn't make it attractive...
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    Daytime PE

    I would guess coral beauty
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    Husker Custom 5'x2'x2' Peninsula SPS Build

    What about using T slot aluminum. It can hold the weight and makes the skinning fairly easy?
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    So if sps polyps are retracted ... that means what ?

    Yep 99% it's the flame angel. It can still grow but won't do anywhere near as good.
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    Trigger and two tangs in 120?

    Purple will get to aggressive in there probably. I love a purple tang
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    Fairy wrasse breathing quickly not eatig

    Such as what?
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    Fairy wrasse breathing quickly not eatig

    Wasn't going to use copper
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    Fairy wrasse breathing quickly not eatig

    It's just what he was eating before. I am going to make my own later with a nice mixture but just trying to get him to start eating. Edit: I know brine is useless. Just trying to start the feeding response.
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    Fairy wrasse breathing quickly not eatig

    It's a lunati wrasse. But I'll try that don't want to lose it. Lost both fairy wrasses on this shipment. I've tried frozen brine and mysis. It ate for a day and a half then just stopped