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  • Hi i was reading a post u had a while back about a harlequin tusk not eating and im having the same problem. He refuses everything even shrimp and fresh clam/mussle. I have had him for a week and i was wondering how yours turned out since the thred kinda just stops. Thanks
    If you happen to have any Lemon Drop or Rainbow Anemones for sale I would be interested.
    I live in Iowa.

    Lawrence u have a beautiful tank. I signed up
    with flicker, using my wives info. The tank pic
    is in the library but don't now how to proceed
    from there. If I emailed you the pic could you
    post for me in the thread I started or start a new
    thread. Thanks alot. Dennis
    Ey I'm still in Canada. Did you find someone that sells the chaeto I gave you?
    Ok. What lighting are you switching to? I liked you LED. I looked good on your tank. I even used you tank pics to convince a buddy to look up the same LED as yours.

    Anyway, I'm sure whatever you choose it's going to be nice.
    hey lawrence, sorry for this late reply i didn't know there a message from you, i would guess you are back now. i want to take a break from sps, and start getting some softies, unless i see some that would look nice in a mixed reef.

    yeah you can... the security check here in manila are not that good. so just wrap it in a piece of paper and put it inside your check in baggage and your all set. my worries is your custom officer in the US will definitely check your baggage... im from laguna, south area from manila... but i have a house also in makati. btw are you a filipino as well?
    in PI usually corals here are collected by what u want... so i can hook u up with some divers here.. its really cheap here are some crazy challices... challices here average in an amount of $1 per colony... a colony have 10-15 mouths... so cheap huh? pls do contact me if your in manila... +639175004006
    i saw you were sekking a few small MOP frags a while back. I have been trying to get a hold of one of these for my wife for some time. do you have or know of anyone that would have any they are willing to sell? thanks a lot!
    If you are still looking for a big red carpet, coral island in orange have one that is @ least 14" in diameter and it is really red.
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