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    reef safe red fish

    Another vote for the Flame Hawkfish. Tons of personality, perching everywhere with that worried look on its face. If the shrimp are large, or already established, you should be fine. jds
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    Angle fish????

    My Regal doesn't pick on anything I have, my Blueface on the other hand ate all my zoas. I like my Blueface better than I liked the zoanthids however, so I win. It doesn't bother my softies (I wish it would eat these damned frilly mushrooms), LPS like frogspawn or hammer, or SPS. I would love...
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    rose anemone, not exactly "rose"

    Lighting has a lot to do with it as RBTA looked very red under Phoenix 14K but more brownish/orange under the Giesemann Coral bulbs, which claim to be 13.5K but look like 10K bulbs to me. Your sig says 14K though, so if they're more like the Phoenix I had, I would think it would look...
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    Dinoflagellates and nitrates

    OK, so I've had a series of issues in my tank which have culminated in a bunch of fish which are fine, a bunch of corals which are dead, with my BTA (having cloned itself into five), a bubble coral, a lone SPS frag and a frogspawn being the remaining non-fish survivors...and the frogspawn...
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    Brown Rubbery Fungus

    It sounds like dinoflagellates to me. Nasty stuff...looks like brown stringy snot that rises up with air bubbles in it. If that's what it is, I don't think anything will eat it, which is probably good because its not good for the animals if they do eat it. I just had an infestation of this...
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    Bristletooth Tomini Tang

    I saw a very nice one at the LFS the other day. Almost bought him, but I'm a bit worried about putting him in with my other tangs (yellow, purple, powder brown and blue hippo). Those guys all get along great, but I'm not sure they would be interested in another one... jds
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    Blue Spot Pufferfish

    This is a sharpnose toby, right? Like a valentini? I have a "Fiji blue-spotted puffer" like that, assuming its the same thing. I have never noticed him nipping fins, but lately my yellow and purple tangs fins have looked kind of ragged...maybe its him. I know he decimated my nassarius snail...
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    Pajama/Spotted Cardinal Fish

    Hang being the appropriate word, yes. They don't actually move, you could probably achieve the same look by using fake ones. Just add them together at the same time. I have one of these guys. I thought I could add three Bangai's later...bad move. The PJ killed them all by using ESP, or the...
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    Green Star Polyp, Should I Scrap em?

    GSP aren't too bad...I have a deep tank though and for a while they were threatening to overtake my frogspawn in a place I couldn't reach. However they are nowhere near as annoying as the *&^%! hairy mushrooms, or frilly mushrooms, whatever they are. I've tried squirting kalkwasser concentrate...
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    Lighting Website Updates

    OK, I've been dealing with a few tank issues that I've finally (hopefully) resolved, and my bulbs now need to be replaced. I had AB 10K first (nice and bright but too yellowish) and now I have Phoenix (all 250W) which are a nice blue but tend to wash out some other colors, and are a bit...
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    Skimmer Off At Night?

    Remember, the skimmer is doing a lot of oxygenation...if you turn it off entirely, make sure you have other pumps running, etc. jds
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    reef safe puffers?

    My Fiji blue-spotted puffer (a small toby, sort of like a Valentini) has been reef safe for the most part, now that all the Nassarius snails are gone. Every now and again he nips at an SPS, but never enough to do anything. jds
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    Looks like I'm loosing my show piece Red/Orange Monti ; need opions.

    I had a similar thing happen to me. It sort of partially recovered, and then went completely south. I don't know if fragging it would have helped, because I had three separate pieces and they all went. I still have no idea why. Do you have a feel for what actually triggered the problem in your...
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    anyone know how to remove the impeller from a dart?

    I'm in a similar boat right now, trying to remove the impeller from a Cimmarron in order to swap seals and turn it into a Dart. This thing has been pretty lightly used, but I still can't get it off. The directions say to use a flat blade screwdriver in the back to hold the shaft, but there's...
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    Adding Multiple Angels

    My Blueface is moderately reef friendly as long as you don't have zoanthids. I'm afraid to have clams, and he occasionally nips at a carpet anemone of all things...but the only thing he's actually wiped out have been zoanthids. My Regal doesn't mess with anything, he's been completely safe. jds