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  • Hi
    Missed the last sps sale - looking for a frag each of the Pearlberry, ATL joleen, Vivid Rainbow and Tierra Del Fuego - would you let me know when u will have frags of them. Thanks Noel # 9095564947

    I pmed you about the froot loops, but was not sure if you received it. I was wondering what kind of size frags do you have for the froot loops? I wanted 1 polyp, but if thats not possible, whats the next size. you can email me at hoopdachimp@hotmail.com. I live in tustin btw so I can pick it up either sat or sun.

    Hi im interested in the hawaiian zoas, email me at hoopdachimp@hotmail.com. I can pick it up, I live in Tustin
    Interested in the hollywood stunner. What color is it in person? Looks purple/green with green eyes. I can pickup Sat or Sun. I maybe going to RAP.
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