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    All for sale moving soon

    Wow, can't believe you're heading out ! Not too many old timers left. Beautiful tank.
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    Instant Ocean Salt (200 gal) sale

    Great deal, thanks for the heads up.
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    Inverters, Generator's and Whole House Generators OH MY

    It's got a 993 cc Vanguard V twin. 20kw unit, but only around 18k on natural gas.
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    Inverters, Generator's and Whole House Generators OH MY

    No regrets on our whole house Briggs and Stratton unit. When we were in the market, it was between Kohler, Generac, and Briggs. Went with Briggs because it was the only one at the time that had a 400 amp transfer switch that was designed for 2x200 amp sub panels. Don't think you could go...
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    Good replacement pump for BK300 skimmer?

    I have the same exact issue and am glad you posted the thread. Pump itself appears to be 100% fine, clean, impeller intact. It'll run for about a minute and then start to reset/power cycle every 3 seconds after that. Guessing it's the controller.
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    Calcium Reactor Issues

    Since ph is exponential, you'll be surprised how huge of a difference you'll see by going just a bit lower. 6.5 to 6.4 is a big difference. The lowest we ever ran was about 6.25, and that burned up about 40 lbs of media every 4 months.
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    Fundraising for father's funeral (by selling corals)

    Very sorry to hear this. Condolences to you. You have a PM.
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    Coral Farmers Market this Saturday, Attending? Looks like there's also going to be an early access option for Friday night.
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    Get in the game SPS Packs

    Dang, those have exploded the last time we were there! Looking good.
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    FS: Frag tank package

    Tank, sump, lights sold. Skimmer sold. Skimmer - SOLD Chiller - $250 DC Return Pump - $50
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    FS: Frag tank package

    Bump, still looking for a new home.
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    FS: Frag tank package

    $550, ready for a new home.
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    Green slimer

    Incase you don't find what you need-- I've got a huge green slimer colony I need to trim (like 18"). As well as tons of other stags, Bali slimer, and many others. And asd rainbow as well. If you're willing to drive out here, will make it worthwhile :)
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    FS: Frag tank package

    Bump $650