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  • Hello. I noticed in one of your pictures you have a lemonpeel Angel in your tank with sps and lps.. Does he pick at the corals? All i have been able to find online is accounts of them going after most corals. Jsut curious. Thanks for your time!
    Would you share where you got your pyramids? I've tried three times (5 fish) and have never had one live over 30 hours after arrival. I got 2 from Blue Zoo, 2 from NYA and one from LA. The one from LA lived the longest. How large were yours when you got them? The smallest I've been able to find was 3.5". I'm thinking I should hold out for much smaller ones next time I try. Thanks for any help you can give.
    No worries, I have no patience for folks on RC who behave like little children, so I really try to avoid insulting people and thus doing it myself. Been around long enough to know there are lots of different routes to success even if I might disagree with some of the things folks do. Anyhow, debate is fun; world would be a tedious and boring place if we all agreed on everything. Cheers, Simon
    The topic had already moved off the front page, so I thought I would just pm rather than revive a thread that was getting strangely heated.

    Thank you for clarifying your comment as not intending to be a slight, as that is indeed how I perceived it. Apologies for the misunderstanding.

    And yeah - live sand ... What a racket!
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