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    o2manyfish - It's All Gone.

    Horrible news. When I entered the hobby 11 years ago, your house was my first meet and greet event. Met a lot of cool people, and really opened my eyes to the great local community we have here in SoCal. My tank isn't large, but you're welcome to pieces of anything that I have. I am in Simi...
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    fs: tck Powerball bounce

    g'damnit walter
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    Hey Mods, can we get a "like" button for posts?

    I'd be happy for an AOL chat room
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    I am selling a 20 gallon tank that i got for free!

    nothing is ever free...what's the catch? pervert!
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    Lettuce sea slug to maintain bryopsis?

    I'e rain fluconazole for 6 weeks straight and when doing water changes would add the difference back into the system. This took out bryopsis for good, but yeah GHA comes and goes and when it does, make adjustments as others noted in here or if lazy another smaller round of flucon. good luck man!
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    FS: 100 Gal Leemar Rimless Tank w/ free stand

    This seems like a smoking deal. what am I missing?
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    RAP Cancellation Frags*

    Lame! by Aug 2021 even California will be fully open. This is a little extreme.
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    Complete IM20 Setup (Corals/Fish/Hardware/Extras)

    Can any lucky hobbyist read the part/stock lists?
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    FS and moving out of state

    I would say sorry to see you go, but it sounds like an upgrade for you and your family. While our reefing community losses another good one it sounds like Texas will gain one. Lucky for you - It sounds like Newsom will allow 100 fans into a 55k open stadium. So if you'd like to see your beloved...
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    FS: JF Bloodshot | Sunkist bounces

    I can still frag fresh cuts if interested, but local pickup only atm. absolutely my pleasure.
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    Accumulated Detritus in Sump

    Interesting approaches. I am a naturalist, so rather than cleaning out my sump, I treat it like our oceans and add trash and waste to it and then pretend to be dumbfounded at any issues that arise.
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    giessemann Infinity 48 inch fixture

    Agreed. I wanna get this just to stash for my future 4 ft'er.
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    Question: Best two part additive?

    I've been using ATI Essentials Pro for almost 2 years with great results. Very easy to use, and for my 75G not too expensive. Another popular option that is somewhat new, Tropic Marin All for Reef. 1 part?! I haven't used it, but it's popular among the lazy, like myself.
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    FS: JF Bloodshot | Sunkist bounces

    long time no talk! Hope you doing well man!
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    FS: JF Bloodshot | Sunkist bounces

    All gone. All pieces went at the discounted price! If anyone wants fresh cuts, always available