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  • I wish to join SLASH, and saw I need to contact you. I wish to pay with PayPal. Let me know what I need to do, or send a PayPal invoice to Thank you.

    Tom kasner
    Hey Greg, As you have seen, I am starting my build. I was wondering if you might have a little time on your hands to give me some advice on laying out my DT and fish room? I know you are most likly busy. Things are picking up on my end also. I will stuff you full of food and drink before hand. ;) Dave
    Hey Capo,
    I sent payment for a SLASH family membership via PayPal to you at on Nov 5th. I wanted to make sure you received the payment and to see if I was supposed to receive membership cards or anything in the mail.

    I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday tomorrow. Wishing you a year of health and happiness. Hope to talk to you one of these days. Always your friend. Rena
    Hey, I am going to send a check to Roger provided the account has enough fundage?

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