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  • Mark
    Are you going to be taking the ride with Tim to get the stand that I built for him? I have to say it"s the cleanest looking stand I ever built. Did you you see the pictures of it? One more thing did you see the Cherry stand that I posted on RC
    Thanks for the add. I'm learning a lot from your conversations. We'll probably meet sometime around town I'm sure. Maybe on the 18th at ABC.
    Do you have Richs number? Diver Dick. I have been to his house several times before, just cant find phone info
    HI Mark it Joe from Joeswoodworks how have you been? I would like to say give me a call if you ever need anything.

    Hey I cant see your post because I dont have enough posts but my friend said to PM you. He thinks you may have the skimmer I am looking for. If you are interested in selling it please give me the details. Thanks,
    hey mark do you have any frags left ? im free all day saturday and would love to catch up with you if possable . if your going to be around or have anything i would be very gratefull ,call me at 382-1874 thanks dave
    Congrads on selling your house. I would be interested in the colonies you're thinking about selling. I visit ABC frequently so I could meet you there or at your house. Can you let me know what you have and the price? I have a 90 but it is almost full, but would love to have a choice piece. Pics would be nice.
    Hi, Mark.
    Congrats on the addition. I need to ask a favor. Can you find out from Tim if any of the group purchase Vortech MP40's are still available at ABC? If so, at what price?
    TIA and good luck with those diapers LOL! -Gary
    That would be awesome if you could frag me up some sps. I've seen pics of your tank and all i can say is WOW!!! Also the guys at ABC have nothing but good things to say about ya. Anyways im off till next Wed and only live about 25 min from ABC so any day would work for me. If i recall Tim said you were just around the corner from those guys. give me a shout and let me know if you could possibly take care of me in the near future. have a good one!!!!
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